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“The whole room is exuberant for art and music, and everyone is, appropriately, happy.” – Meg Wolitzer

“The Happy Ending Series is an excellent bet. Hosted by author and droll MC Amanda Stern, the event brings excellent writers to the stage” – Time Out NY “Need to be Alone?” issue

“I loved it. I wish she’d have me back. It’s a great evening.” -Adam Rapp

“Amanda Stern is a badass and a legend, and Happy Ending Reading Series kicks your reading series ass.  She’s grown this little downtown shindig into an extravaganza, and it is a delight to be a part of it every time.” – Elizabeth Crane

“Happy Ending is the best reading series in New York, and probably the country. It’s an essential part of the literary world. Add in music and the unusual feats of bravery required of the readers, and you have the perfect night of entertainment.” – Darin Strauss  (author: Chang and Eng; The Real McCoy; More than it Hurts You)

“That was fun” – Vampire Weekend

“In the delicious mileu of a weird nightclub, Amanda Stern hosts a provocative and substantive literary program.  What’s the old joke: you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, etc.; well you will.  You will laugh. Guaranteed.  And if you don’t cry, you will catch your breath and save a tear for later.  It is a great place for stories.  I loved it.”  – Ron Carlson

“It’s nearly impossible to remember the New York literary world before Amanda Stern started her Happy Ending series. I’m sure it was okay, but it was definitely missing the joy, warmth and frisson of chance that we all have come to associate with Amanda’s incredible ongoing curatorial project.  As a very lucky three-time reader, I cannot separate the progress of my work from the encouragement that Happy Ending has provided. Each reading was something to really plan for; each risk made me believe I was more daring than I’d ever known before.  And what, after all, is writing without courage?  Amanda Stern gives us a space in which we are all brave.” Nelly Reifler (author: See Through and Other Stories)

“The Happy Ending series has become a crucial feature of New York’s literary culture thanks to the prodigious effort, imagination, and good humor of its impresario and host, Amanda Stern.” – Matthew Sharpe

“Most important [series] in America” – Paste Magazine

“A fun, fresh, lively series– reinvents the ‘reading’ for both readers and audience.” – Aimee Bender

“Happy Ending captures everything I love about New York City: inspiring people, left field innovation, fierce intelligence, shared experiences, endless surprises and one too many vodka sodas. I’m convinced my obituary will someday mention the fact that I had the honor to perform at Happy Ending.” – Dan Rollman (Universal Record Database)]

“A local staple” – Time Out NY

“Not that anyone gives a shit what I think, but: Happy Ending is the most engaging, entertaining, and important reading series in New York City, bar none.”  – Fiona Maazel

“Under Amanda Stern’s wonderful curatorship Happy Endings serves as an indispensable reminder that culture and entertainment can go hand in hand.” – Margot Livesey

“Happy Ending brilliantly mixes literature, music, and theatrics in an inspiring demonstration of how culture is at its best when it’s taking risks, interacting, and alive.” – Andy Hunter, Editor in Chief, Electric Literature

“There’s simply no reading series better or more consistent than Happy Ending.” – Joshua Ferris

“Good citizens, rejoice! Storm the ramparts and stone the crows. Happy Ending is another proof that publishing is not dead, readers are not disappeared, and nothing we cherish is fading so fast we can’t get there first. Call a cab.” – Gregory Maguire

“If the Happy Ending Reading Series didn’t exist, a secret cabal of everyone who gives a damn about books would have to convene in order to invent it. I have a hard time imagining the contemporary literary landscape without Amanda Stern’s cabinet of wonders.” – John Wray

“The only thing that’s not certain about Happy Ending is whether it’s more fun to be up on the stage or to be in the audience.  Either way, you’re in the best possible company, and either way, you’ll leave invigorated about reading and writing.”  – Andrew Solomon


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